(August 2005) The Policy Foundation welcomes Dr. Jay P. Greene to his new position as head of the Department of Education Reform at the Univ. of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Dr. Greene earned his doctorate at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research prior to his appointment.

Dr. Greene’s appointment is a welcome addition to the broad-based movement for education reform, better-paying jobs and higher incomes in Arkansas. Significant education reform has occurred in the last two years, including administrative restructuring of 59 K-12 school districts, creation of a financial analysis model that reports expenditures by spending category for each district, use of a standardized national norm-referenced test, and expansion of Arkansas’ weak charter school act.

Research conducted by Dr. Greene on education reform has been published in various peer-reviewed publications including Teachers College Record, Bilingual Research Journal, and the Brookings Institution Press. He is also the author of numerous articles and op-ed pieces on education reform issues like accountability, charter schools, and choice.

Samples of Dr. Greene’s published work can be viewed at the following link:

The Policy Foundation, on behalf of its Board and supporters, welcomes Dr. Jay P. Greene to his new position at the Univ. of Arkansas.


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