Progress on Charter Schools

Oppose efforts to turn back the clock on this important reform;
Empower public universities to sponsor charters: and
Recognize charters under the Lake View case in terms of equitable funding for facilities;
Provide greater autonomy to charters in granting waivers.

Progress Toward Transparency
Categorical expenses for athletics should be reported. Expenses in all categories should also be presented using bar graphs, pie charts and other formats that are easily understood by citizens.

Letter Grades for K-12 Districts

Academic ratings and triggers for acclaim or sanctions should be issued for each K-12 public school district using a letter grade system (A, B, C, D, F).

Administrative Restructuring
Arkansas' 245 school districts should be organized into not more than 134 "administrative units" defined as "one superintendent and an associated superintendent's staff." Restructuring should commence in Arkansas districts that record failing (D or F) grades for two consecutive years.

Performance Pay in Failing Districts
Performance pay measures should be used in Arkansas districts that earn failing (F) grades. Non-government enterprises willing to fund performance pay plans in failing school districts should be encouraged to do so.

Merge All Existing Co-ops

All existing educational co-ops should be merged into a single professional K-12 educational services center under the aegis of the Director, Department of Education. The center shall be known as the Arkansas Educational Resources and Services Center (AESC).