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Excerpts from Arkansas Policy Foundation motion:

Comes the Arkansas Policy Foundation, through its lawyers Dudley and Compton, and for its Motion for Permission to File Amicus Curiae Brief states:

1) The Arkansas Policy Foundation is a non-partisan economic think tank comprised of a board of directors, including an economist who serves as executive director. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization.

2) Since its inception in 1995, the Arkansas Policy Foundation has researched, in detail and following accepted methodologies, the accounting and finance practices of Arkansas' public school system for kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Foundation has published three studies regarding the practices now before this Court ...

3) Two of the Arkansas Policy Foundation's accounting recommendations were supported by (Senate President Pro  Tempore), approved by the Arkansas state legislature and signed into law by Governor Mike Huckabee in the current (2001-2002) legislative session. These were the Foundation's recommendations concerning performance based budgeting and activities based costing. Another Foundation recommendation, school-by-school performance report cards, was approved by the legislature and signed into law in an earlier session.

4) The Arkansas Policy Foundation believes it can assist this Court, via its amicus brief, understand the complex issues raised by the parties, and can, therefore, assist the children of the state of Arkansas in their educational endeavors.